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Jesús Condenado

Jesús Condenado University Brotherhood

The Jesús Condenado University Brotherhood, set up in Cáceres in 2011, bases its activity on four basic principles: innovation in terms
of processional effects; realism in the imagery; austerity in its form and background, and solidarity with those who need support.

Penitential Station

Leaves at 00:30h on Good Friday, Chapel of the brothers of the White Cross (Calle Manga). The procession of Jesus Condenado (Jesus the condemned man) leaves without fanfare, in silence and meditation with no musical accompaniment. The route is entirely within the city walls, and the brothers wear black tunics, black gloves and footwear and a black Franciscan- style cap.


Life-sized, the statue evokes Jesus on the Calvary path, in congruence with the time of the procession (the early hours of Friday morning), although it differs from the traditional representation in that it only has the patibulum, or upper crossbar of the cross, as documented by some biblical studies and texts. The statue is carved in cedar and polychromed by the religious artist Antonio Fernández Domínguez.

Processional Platform

Designed by the brotherhood and built in Cáceres. It has three essential characteristics: 

  • Austerity: it lacks artificiality and does not feature large floral decorations, black being the dominant colour.
  • Modernity: the materials used are aluminium, stainless steel and light synthetic boards. There is not a single piece of wood.
  • Functionality: lightweight boards, carried with ease by 24 brothers, with retractable and collapsible poles at the tip (to facilitate manoeuvres and entry into different locations). The wheels are removable so as not to carry unnecessary weight during the procession.

Bendición de la imagen de Jesús Condenado


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